xELO: GW 13 – It starts when!?

by @FantasianPL

The last Gameweek finished, the next one is upon us. We don’t have time to delay. Here is your fast and quick hitting xElo Experiment glorified bullet list that asks the questions but doesn’t try to answer them.

Last Week

Things happened. 

Are Palace an attacking team? 

Are Liverpool starting to waver?

Wait Arsenal over performed with 10 men?!

Other past results:

Will Tottenham stop scoring goals?

Wolves attack is as predicted recently?

Are the Chealsea, Manchester United, and Leicester offense the teams to target?

Are Everton whipping boys? (Will I regret selling Vardy this week)?

Time to target Newcastle defense?

The Future

Manchester City look a good option regardless of position (except maybe keeper, but play if you own)

Liverpool probably with a good matchup

West Ham could be the surprise this week

Manchester United in amongst the “mid table” teams

Leicester should maybe be higher

Will Wolves hold Chelsea? Will Chelsea hold Wolves? More likely the later.

Will Tottenham be held to little xG? Will that matter in terms of goals?

That was quick, but it got done. Good luck in game(mid)week 13.