Pirate Attack! FPL Rules

Summary: The aim of the game is to pillage as much gold as possible. Every pirate starts with 100 gold. Each week you choose another pirate to attack. If your FPL score is higher than theirs you win 60% of their gold! Easy! Choose who you want to hit and when – no waiting on fixtures to come around. But be aware you may have to share your loot, and give away some if you fail!

1. Every pirate starts with 100 gold. You attack a team each GW and if your weekly FPL score is higher than theirs then you steal 60% of their gold – shared equally with every other swashbuckling dawg who also successfully attacked that team.

2. If you attack a team and you both have the same FPL score then no gold changes hands, you share some liquid refreshments and sail home again.

3. If you score less than the team you are attacking, you give them 10% of your gold. The minimum loss is 3 gold.

4. If your gold falls below 1, then you walk the plank and leave the game. There will be no replacement teams – the pool of likely raid targets will just get smaller.

5. Each team will complete a weekly Google Form before the FPL deadline, nominating a team to attack. If a team does not complete the Google Form in time then 15% of their gold will be deducted and added to the Treasure Chest of Failure, which will be won by the team with the highest GW score that week. If a team does not complete the form 3 times in one season they will walk the plank, be removed from the league and their gold shared equally between the remaining teams. The Google Form timestamp will be the only judge of this!

6. All calculations are based on the gold held by each sea rover at the start of the GW. All calculations are based on your teams official FPL points – including any hits!

7. Good luck me hearties!