Welcome to the data-trove!

We can’t point you straight to the gold at the end of the Fantasy Football season, but we can give you some pointers. We hope they will help, but as in any hunt for treasure there will be storms, dragons, trolls and even some calm weather to knock you off your course, betray your trust and just becalm you.

The pirate’s way for FF is that there are no absolute rules:

Data – we’ve got LOADS and we LOVE IT! Is data the only compass to help you find gold? No, we don’t think so – you might also need:

Hitsprobably keep these to a minimum, but used with good judgment and calculation this can be the best FF ammunition of all.

Form – yes it’s there. How do you predict, measure and harness it? We all have differing views on how it will guide our journey.

Fixtures – again important and one of the main course planners. Some players ARE fixture proof.

Eye test and your gutsome swear by it and some loathe it. Trust yourself or find a barrelman who you trust to help guide you. One word of warning: too many barrelmen are a disadvantage – they never agree.

Seek advice – Every captain needs advice, sometimes from the old hands, sometimes from young whippersnappers. Take it in, pick out what you think is good and use it to your advantage. But the final decision is yours

Plot your own course – You are in charge of the ship. Pick your own crew and plot your own course. Will we sail beside you some weeks? For sure. But we are going to do our best to find a shorter route, pick up little caches of gold, buy a bigger and better cannon, and generally do our best to nick into the lead and steal away into the sunset.

We wish you a fair wind ever and always.

The pirate data-dawgs.